writeoutloud_09 (writeoutloud_09) wrote,

for dreams & those who dare to dream.

Stand in the rain,
drink in this feeling,
if its good or bad,
it's hard to decipher.

There's black and white,
it surrounds me,
swallows me whole,
with the roar of thunder.

I untie my shoes,
throw them away,
walking barefoot through puddles,
a mess left behind.

It starts pouring,
my heart is pounding,
no one can hear this loud silence,
except me.

I gave it all up to be here,
to embrace this unfamiliar coldness,
to let it all go,
to stand here, where I am.

If this what it takes to be alone,
avoidance seems a mystery,
when it's all inevident,
but at the same time:
too unreal to be true.

There's that melody of a soft piano,
of harsh voices,
of a life unlived,
of a caged dream.

There wasn't much I could say,
nothing I could do,
what is a dream,
if you are unable chase after it?

But here I was,
at the edge of it all,
opening my arms to the vast grey sky,
come what may, I was surely ready.

An umbrella seemed not a necessity,
the harsh winds came,
whether I liked it or not,
the cold swept my face,
it locked the chill, the biting reality,
into the glow of my hopeful heart.

It was unstoppable,
an aching voice reaching out.

I woke up,
tear that trailing down my cheek,
the remain of a raindrop,
from the showers,
the supposed storms,
of incomplete dreams.
Tags: never give up
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