I don't want a prince,
I don't want a knight,
just someone to
show me the light.

I don't want perfect,
I don't want the sun,
not even the moon,
I just want someone.

Everybody has their dream,
needless to say,
I have mine.

It might be insane,
but it's always on my mind,
this thing called love,
a miracle sent from above.

oh, is it real?
oh, is it too surreal?

I don't want perfect,
I don't want the sun,
not even the moon,
I just want someone.

I don't need a crown,
just someone who'll
wipe this frown,
turn it around,
burn my loneliness
to the ground.

I don't need Mr. Perfect,
not even Mr. Right,
just someone to,
answer my phone calls
late at night.

I don't need Prince Charming,
to come and stay,
I don't need a lot of things,
but I want love, either way.

"Your Twitter Last Night"

I've been writing a lot of sad and serious songs recently, and I don't know why I write about love, I just do. :) But this is on a much less serious level, was just fun to write because I've always wanted to do a ridiculous but cute song like this. Also, I'm a total nerd and put where the music gets higher, stops, solos, etc... Because I swear, I could hear it in my head as a Hey Monday song.

Have no idea where my inspiration came from, I was just thinking about Twitter, and writing a song, then VOILA! A song about Twitter, and an interesting tweet at that. Here it is.

I saw her name on your
Twitter last night,
it wasn't the most,
cheerful sight.

Did you think
I wouldn't see?
The minute I did,
I wanted to scream:

We didn't even have to fight
for you to,
move on.

What's going on?
What did I do to make you,
think you won?

Just because of your
alluring smile,
doesn't mean you're
truly worthwhile.

It makes me feel worse
when I'm not the one you're
blogging about.

It drives me like a car,
makes me crash headfirst,
i'm covered with doubt.

How can you,
give up like that?
you decided to log off,
mid-facebook chat.

Maybe I'm
maybe I'm just
a girl,
but the profile pic of you and her,
almost made me hurl.

We didn't even have to fight
for you to,
move on.

What's going on?
What did I do to make you,
think you won?

Just because of your
romantic tweet,
doesn't mean you're,
completely sweet.

Get a good look at yourself.

At school,
the next day,
all of your friends,
look my way,
thinking I was destroyed
by your update,
but here,
let me get things straight.

You didn't even have to get a girl
for me to move on,
let's give this story a twirl.

What's going on?
you said,
how have you won?

I steal your smile,
and say,
it's just begun.

Just because of your
stupid games,
I found a boy,
who doesn't play
me like solitaire,
because when I'm online
he's always there.

"Believing is Deserving"

Hi. I write about love because it's a mystery that I can't solve.

This one is dedicated to one of my best friends, Chynna.  Don't stop believing.  You said so.  :)


Everyone deserves someone,
just like the earth deserves the sun,
brings light into your life,
there's nothing like a lie...

To make you lose
but you know you're gonna

Everyone deserves someone,
everyone deserves that
at prom when he asks you to
every moment is there,
all you have to do is
take a glance.

I've given up before,
stupid love songs,
thrown it out the door,
until I was shown something more...

A girl at the back of the
a boy who could never make love
in the hall they
they both took a second

Everyone deserves a
reasurring it's
even if it takes you
for miles and miles...

Even if he failed at love
even if she's searching for something
as he helps her pick her books off the
in their eyes,
you realize,
love is the water,
that just has to make it to the

You can say you could
care less,
you can say love is
but then tell me if believing in
is completely

Tell me,
after all this
how a rainbow,
still comes after
rain and shine.

~7/23/09, 10:20 p.m.

Girl In Grey.

Those fairytales,
princesses with golden locks,
all make believe,
her dreams have hit the rocks.

I'll tell you a story,
about a girl in grey,
a boy would look at her,
and she'd look away.

She has a balcony,
stand in the moon's glow,
and think of the irony,
cause there's no Romeo.

There's a shining bright star,
her heart gives a small leap,
but it's just too far,
dreams don't come cheap.

There's more life than waiting,
there's more to life than believing,
she'll keep repeating,
there's just no way.

I'll tell you a story,
about a girl in grey,
a boy would look at her,
and she'd look away.

What does it take,
to break a girl's heart,
when reality is is,
she broken her own apart.

She sits down, writes a song,
about a girl in blue,
who'd dress up everyday,
hoping, believing,
the wish last night
would come true.

(no subject)

every word unsaid,
hurts me like a blinding silence,
one that gets to your head,
fogs up all that sense.

we grew apart,
with every lie you led on,
it made everything weaker,
so tell me what we're doing now?

I knew what heartbreak was,
the hundreth time my heart broke,
shattered on the floor,
I've cleaned up the mess every time.

I said I've been trying,
I guess that means nothing,
I'm about to hurt you with
my feelings, better watch out.

I've said those words,
I've broken your heart in two,
I'm sorry to see you standing there,
with nothing but the wreck I've caused.

(no subject)

You built this bridge,
but you burnt it down,
then you ask me,
why I have a frown

Is all this nothing,
because now it's all ashes,
a misery montage of
unfortunate crashes.

You're just lucky,
that you're not me,
I have to pick up the pieces,
it's easy to see

What life can throw out,
it has it's own games,
there's no doubt,
unleash it's unexpected flames.

for dreams & those who dare to dream.

Stand in the rain,
drink in this feeling,
if its good or bad,
it's hard to decipher.

There's black and white,
it surrounds me,
swallows me whole,
with the roar of thunder.

I untie my shoes,
throw them away,
walking barefoot through puddles,
a mess left behind.

It starts pouring,
my heart is pounding,
no one can hear this loud silence,
except me.

I gave it all up to be here,
to embrace this unfamiliar coldness,
to let it all go,
to stand here, where I am.

If this what it takes to be alone,
avoidance seems a mystery,
when it's all inevident,
but at the same time:
too unreal to be true.

There's that melody of a soft piano,
of harsh voices,
of a life unlived,
of a caged dream.

There wasn't much I could say,
nothing I could do,
what is a dream,
if you are unable chase after it?

But here I was,
at the edge of it all,
opening my arms to the vast grey sky,
come what may, I was surely ready.

An umbrella seemed not a necessity,
the harsh winds came,
whether I liked it or not,
the cold swept my face,
it locked the chill, the biting reality,
into the glow of my hopeful heart.

It was unstoppable,
an aching voice reaching out.

I woke up,
tear that trailing down my cheek,
the remain of a raindrop,
from the showers,
the supposed storms,
of incomplete dreams.

for those with broken hearts.

it's followed by a change
of character,
unrecognizable words.

Who knew sarcasm could be
a remedy for
the most broken at heart.

He's  become cynical,
her heart's become a stranger,
when a love like this is in danger,
then what else is there to do?

I've learned the hard way,
he says,
sometimes you have to take this heart break,
if she's given up, there's no choice but to
go on with what you've got,
even if you have nothing left.

I don't deserve this,
she says,
nothing I've been given,
so I'll give up on it all,
it just wasn't meant to be.

Is all that forgotten,
all this light that they've started,
now they stand,
no longer hand in hand,
watching the love they knew,
burn to the ground.

There was nothing left from
but cold fears,
and countless tears.

From the concrete,
the hard reality that had
frozen the world in
was a crack in the ground,
from which a flower bloomed,
extending salutations,
to an unknown, feared world.

There was hope:
love was evident,
shone through,
even in the darkest of times,
because there they stand:
hand in hand,
stronger than ever before.